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 Utilizing our world-wide infrastructure and deep industry connections, we provide our clients with comprehensive music publishing including:



Song Registration: We are able to quickly and efficiently ingest and turnover catalogs of all sizes.  We are proactive in ensuring catalogs are registered properly and any counterclaim issues are resolved in a timely fashion.  We maintain direct relationships with Digital Service Providers including Youtube which enables us to better manage our data and ensure data accuracy.

Royalty Collection & Distribution: Royalty collection starts with proper registration. Every penny is important to us and we are diligent in tracking royalty payments.  Our direct licensing with major labels and Digital Services Providers (e.g. Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music) gives us more control over royalty analysis. 

Negotiation & Licensing: We have years of experience negotiating all types of licenses and understand industry-standard fees.  We always seek to obtain the highest fees for our client's songs.


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Proactive Pitching: We proactively seek synchronization opportunities by building relationships and maintaining frequent communication with music supervisors, editors, TV studios and production companies, film companies, ad agencies, video game producers, and other media outlets.   See our Placements page for recent activity.

Writing To Synch Briefs: We frequently receive requests for original compositions and work with clients to create recordings that meet the requirements of the briefs.

Sharing Synch Briefs: On a daily basis we receive synch briefs from various creatives and share those briefs with our writers.  

Cover Recordings: We seek out cover recordings, remixes and featured artist opportunities that will help give existing compositions new life and writers/artists a way to reach a new audience. 



Our experienced creative team is based in key territories providing us with global expertise and reach in a variety of genres including pop, urban, country, EDM and rock.  

Co-Writes: We coordinate strategic songwriting opportunities for our writers, both in-house and with other music publishers.  

Artist Placement: We actively pitch for artist projects of all genres, throughout the world, and provide creative input, guidance and resources to our writers to enable them to be as competitive as possible. 

Sharing Creative Briefs: We share artist briefs daily with clients and actively engage with our writers to determine the best songs to pitch.

Topline & Features: We regularly share tracks that need topline lyrics and vocals.

Communication: We maintain a boutique roster of active writers allowing us to frequently engage with and provide a high level of service and attention to each writer.



Subpublishers: We maintain a network of experienced subpublishers who understand the intricacies and specific climates of their respective countries.

IMPEL: As a member of IMPEL, a Pan-European digital licensing and collection society, we are able to more accurately track and collect upon our European digital royalties.