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Steph Copeland

From Toronto
Members Steph Copeland
Writers Stephanie Leigh Copeland
While it is common for artists in the pop-rock field to later turn to writing for film, Copeland has taken the reverse route. She has been recognized as a talented composer for film, having scored ten features since she began in 2013, but the classically-trained vocalist now ventures into the electro-pop realm as a solo artist with her debut album Public Panic. The 2015 release has been described as “atmospheric and dangerous” by critics who predict a “killer solo career” for Copeland. Steph’s truly emotive and stylistically unique songs blend live and electronic percussion, gritty guitars, orchestra and arpeggiators, creating a big backdrop for Steph’s haunting voice. The deep and moody pop debut is receiving high praise as Public Panic makes its way across Canadian indie charts.

At an early age Steph began as a singer/songwriter near the U.S. border in Wallaceburg Ontario. Having garnered a passion for synthesizers, she later emerged as an electronic artist with musical roots in the Detroit electronic scene. Not surprisingly, Copeland’s voltaic ballads contain a cinematic hue. Copeland is a member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada and currently resides in Toronto where she continues to write and produce popular music and score for film and TV.