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Ginny Owens

From Jackson, MS
A multiple award-winning and critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter, Ginny Owens became a household name when she was named the Gospel Music Association’s “New Artist of the Year” in 2000. In a meaningful career that now encompasses nearly two decades of music – including 10 full-length recordings, three EPs, a popular Christmas album, number one radio singles, and numerous film and television placements – Ginny’s heartbeat behind the music remains the same – to inspire others through sharing her own story in song.

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, a degenerative eye condition left Ginny completely blind by the tender age of three. As her vision diminished, her love of music and the piano expanded, and Ginny discovered songwriting as a window into her unseen world. The unique perspectives inspired by her vision impairment have resulted in inspirational lyrics paired with her diverse musicianship to afford her a space on an even more diverse set of stages, including the Sundance Film Festival, Lilith Fair and the White House, and recordings that transcend genre expectations.

In November 2016, Owens launched the Love Be the Loudest campaign, an initiative in which a portion of album sales are donated to increasing the work of non-profit organizations whose mission is to bring hope to the world.
In 2017, the sought-after songstress was commissioned to write the song, “Fly Away,” for the independent film, Trafficked – a song that found itself among the selections considered for the Academy Awards ballot for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture earlier this year. Ginny is also an author, co-authoring Transcending Mysteries, published by HarperCollins in 2015, and the multi-faceted performer also hosts a popular video blog entitled, “How I See It,” in which Owens helps viewers understand the ins-and-outs of living day-to-day life as a blind person.

For more information on Ginny, or her philanthropic work with Love Be the Loudest, visit: GinnyOwens.com and LoveBeTheLoudest.com.
Ginny Owens "Christmas Light"
Album: Christmas Light
Genre: Holiday
Moods: Cheerful, Happy, Joyous, Calm
Ginny Owens "Daughter of Destiny"
Album: Ephemera
Genre: Christian & Gospel
Moods: Empowering, Fearless, Inspirational, Spiritual, Uplifting, Calm
Ginny Owens "Mystery of Grace"
Album: Ephemera
Genre: Christian & Gospel
Moods: Changes, Inspirational, Uplifting, Melancholic
Ginny Owens "Rain"
Album: Ephemera
Genre: Christian & Gospel
Moods: Disheartened, Sad, Melancholic