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Larry Spier

Larry Spier was not only a songwriter, but also the founder of Memory Lane Music Group. In 1923, Larry Spier, Sr. co-wrote the music to "Memory Lane." The song was a huge hit, later revived in the 1944 Abbott and Costello film "In Society," and served as Larry's entry into the music business. Shortly afterwards, Larry partnered with songwriters Sam Coslow and Andy Britt to compose the hit "Was It a Dream."

Larry eventually realized that his true talents lied in the business of music publishing. Along with Sam Coslow, he formed the music publishing company of Spier and Coslow in 1928, serving as his entry into the publishing world.

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Dean Martin "Memory Lane"
Dean Martin
Album: Memory Lane
Genres: Easy Listening, Vocal
Moods: Nostalgic, Romantic, Yearning, Calm
Dick Powell "Was it a Dream?"
Dick Powell
Genres: Jazz, Standard / Jazz, Vocal Jazz
Moods: Embrace, Love, Loving, Nostalgic, Old Timey, Tender, Vintage, Wistful, Calm
Doc Cheatham "Was It a Dream?"
Doc Cheatham
Album: Wishing You Were Here
Genre: Jazz
Moods: Dreamy, Embrace, Emotional, Grateful, Love, Nostalgic, Romantic, Sensitive, Sentimental, Tender, Melancholic
Nat King Cole "Make Me"
Nat King Cole
Album: Night Lights
Genres: Easy Listening, Vocal
Moods: Romantic, Soothing, Dramatic